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Your stomach secretes a bit of acid as part of your digestive juices.

It does this when the Vagus nerve is stimulated (gargling, humming), when you eat protein and when your body anticipates food.

An OPTIMAL acid state is needed:

1) To kill any bacteria that may have come in with your meal.

2) To allow the digestive enzyme (pepsin) to become activated so you can break down protein.

One of the LEADING reasons for a LOW ACID STATE is stress. This impairs your body’s ability to secrete optimal amount of acid.

Consequences of it:

GUT DYSBIOSIS- H pylori, Candida, SIBO, IBS.

Skin conditions- Acne, rashes, Rosacea, eczema

Autoimmune conditions

If you are consuming PROTEIN- gluten (is protein within wheat), casein (milk protein), meat, eggs, beans, lentils, etc and are having a hard time digesting them, you may want to address a low acid state.

This post is for Educational purposes only, please check with your practitioner.


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