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Bloating, ACID REFLUX?

Updated: Nov 20, 2020


When food isn’t digested properly it IRRITATES the stomach lining and the Lower Esophageal sphincter, that is supposed to close and prevent food back up the food pipe. When this remains open, you experience acid reflux. This is also a cause of bloating

What can be done?

1) Avoid foods that irritate your stomach- identify these through testing.

2) We can aid the stomach by giving it the enzymes and optimal pH it needs to digest food. Digestive enzyme supplements are extracted from papaya, pineapple, etc.

3) We can re-train the sphincter to close in time and prevent acid reflux using D-Limonene.

We can coat the esophageal/food pipe lining and provide a layer of protection so that your insides aren’t burning from the reflux using Licorice (NOT the candy🍭, but the root), slippery elm,etc

4) Identify the foods you are sensitive to by a FOOD SENSITIVITY TEST.

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