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Recover your Gut

Coming out of the Holiday season, I definitely indulged- Sugar, gluten, dairy (whipping cream on that starbucks peppermint mocha)

And so the Domino’s came crashing down- mood crashes & anxiety, Joint pain, reduced mental clarity, acne, abdominal cramps and my least fav. Diarrhea.

Did you know your gut houses a whole network of nerves- the enteric nervous system also known as our SECOND BRAIN!

My Gut was DOUBLE WHAMMIED this month:

1. Physical stress/ eating wrong foods

What you eat tells the enteric nervous system how to act.

Diets rich in sugar and saturated fat REDUCE NERVE GROWTH factor called BDNF

BDNF stimulates LEARNING and MEMORY. So no wonder you feel BURNT out, mental fatigue, etc.

2. Mental-Emotional Stress

Went into overdrive mode trying to serve as many patients as possible.

The 2 nervous systems of the BRAIN are like a light switch.


If your light remains ON longer than its OFF, you will burn out other systems!

So your body starts to shut down other nervous systems- and where is the second most populate nervous system? Your gut!

It can feel overwhelming to get your health back on track. But, nothing is impossible if you break it in small steps!

Here are 3 tips you can do today to help improve your digestion:

- Sit down with no distractions to eat- chew the first morsel for at least 15x

- Hum or sing before you eat for a few seconds- this stimulates your vagus nerve and allows the body to shift into an optimal state to start digestion.

- Drink warm water through the day.


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