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Do Hormones, Diet & Lifestyle play a role in Hair Health?

yes, yes and yes!

Health whether hair, acne, painful periods have Multiple Healing Layers to it.

Your Hair is made out of the protein (keratin)- if you are Poorly digesting it due to an inflamed gut or poor digestive capacity, your getting sub-optimal protein through diet.

Reducing inflammation and Improving Gut Function is key.

NOT just looking at your Thyroid.

If you suffer from debilitating period pains, Irregular periods- we need to correct the imbalance of the Two main hormones- estrogen & progesterone.

Too little estrogen can cause HAIR THINNING.

Too little Progesterone can cause a reduction in Hair Growth

Start by eating 0.8g of protein per kg of your body weight.

If you weigh 65kg, you should be consuming about 52grams of protein a day.

Go back to this post to know your protein sources:


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