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What are the Key Hormones to a Women's Health?

Insulin- Blood sugar regulating hormone. When imbalanced can show up as Acne, Weight gain, PCOS, irregular periods, Hair loss, Cravings, Anxiety & PMS

Thyroid- bodys metabolism, temperature, digestive function. When off can show up as constipation, weight gain, fatigue, low mood, irregular or missing periods

Cortisol- Stress hormone, also regulates bodys metabolism! When past threshold- throws off insulin/blood sugar regulation (shows up as weight gain), inflammatory acne, Sleep issues, Anxiety, Period issues, reduces thyroid function and cause gut issues.

Estrogen & Progesterone- regulates menses, sleep, coginition, hair health, weight. And is thrown off by sleep, diet, and stress. Too much shows up as weight gain, acne, painful and heavy periods, growth of cysts/fibroids, facial hair, hair loss. Too little- low mood, anxiety/depression (esp before period), low libido, difficulty getting pregnant, mid-cycle spotting.

A beautiful SYNERGY as a whole.


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