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How to reduce testosterone

In women High testosterone leads to - PCOS, acne, facial hair,irregular periods, ovarian cysts, oily skin, infertility, weight gain, mood swings.

Did you know that your ESTROGEN converts to TESTOSTERONE through a process called aromatization.

Things that INCREASE the conversion are:

- inflammation- through an inflammatory diet

- Chronic stress

- High Sugar levels

- Low exercise

Things that REDUCE the conversion are:

- Stable blood sugar

- Regulated stress and sleep

- Zinc- natural Aromatase inhibitor aka slows down conversion (PMID: 32824334)

- Cruciferous vegetables- broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, arugula etc. Contain I3C and DIM (Diindolylmethane) shown to slow down aromatization (PMID: 25612679, PMID: 7966413,PMID: 27261275)

- Parsley- contains apigenin that acts as an aromatase inhibitor PMID: 31659097

- Olive oil- contains Oleuropen that acts as an aromatase inhibitor PMID: 17910019

- Herbs- spearmint, licorice, white peony, saw palmetto, Vitex (chastetree)

To wrap things up What determines whether the ESTROGEN WILL CONVERT TO TESTOSTERONE in your body is how much aromatization takes place.

And we can either feed the aromatization process or slow it down.

Supplements are formulated on the extracts mentioned above (I3C, DIM,etc) and should be used carefully under care of a practitioner. We dont want to overuse them and reduce estrogen too much! (depleting estrogen wiill artifically put you into #perimeopause)


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