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Other Options than Birth Control for Painful Periods

1.High dose Ginger- research showed that there was no difference between GINGER and IBUPROFEN/ADVIL or Mefenamic acid in successfully treating women with painful periods. PMID:27274753

2.Curcumin (extracted from Turmeric)- PMID: 26051565

This paper shows curcumin taken 7 days before period, significantly reduces pain scores.

3.Zinc- PMID: 26132140- This paper shows 50 mg of Zinc taken 3 days prior to period, reduced pain scores

4.High Dose Magnesium- PMID: 28392498

This Research paper shows the effective consistent supplementation of magnesium for period pain and menstrual headaches I like to use a mix or sometimes one suffices for a patient, depending on their body type, pain severity and other health factors.

For educational purposes only. Please refer to your Health care practitioner before starting these supplements.


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