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5 ways to improve sleep

1. Eat a small protein snack along with some carbs before bed- nuts, cheese, hummus on a cracker, chickpeas. Research done by Purdue University showed that eating a High protein meal Improved sleep quality in participants and helped then lose weight.

If your blood sugar dips too low during sleep you can experience restless sleep, nightmares, night sweats, constant waking at night.

So dont skip carbs at dinner and don’t exercise too close to bedtime

2. Light exposure- Melatonin is cued to be made in the body when lights go out, this means sunlight, and the lights at home. So when we are using our devices, or watching TV we are cueing the opposite aka to keep awake. Dim the lights at home, use black out blinds or a blind fold, put devices away, at sundown begin to use blue light filters on our devices or wear blue light blocking glasses.

3. Cortisol which gives us the OMPF to get out of bed, is made when we see sun in the morning. That’s why it can be harder to get out of bed on a cloudy day. It then begins to decline around sun down and then melatonin is made. Cortisol & Melatonin Regulate each other. SO if you carry worrisome stressful thoughts to bed you dysregulate their rhythm

4. Sleep Hygiene- Stick to a schedule, get to bed the same time, wake up the same time. Sleep in a cool dark environment. Avoid liquids 2 hours before. Create a Relaxing environment/cave.

5. Caffeine takes about 6 hours to be out of your system. Stimulants effect the nervous system and cue it to be more AWAKE then asleep. That cup of coffee before bed, toss it. Have a cup of relaxing tea instead.


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