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Blood Sugar High but not Diabetic yet?

These labs show high HbAlc (glucose marker) - in the Prediabetes range!

Making Diet and lifestyle changes NOW can prevent you becoming Diabetic. .

Diabetes 2 is when your body becomes resistant to insulin.

When you eat a meal its broken down to glucose aka carbohydrates. Your body then produces insulin, which is a messenger telling the body what to do with all the glucose? Use it for energy? Convert it to fat to store for later?

When you become resistant, sugar sits around in your blood- damaging blood vessels and organs. Or its converted to fat within the blood vessels (leads to Cholesterol buildup).

If you live a sedentary lifestyle: sitting infront of a 💻 all day - sugar is barely used.

Lifestyle Changes-This is why 🚴‍Exercise is important to burn that excess sugar sitting around, to fuel your muscles. 🕜30 minutes a day!

Dietary Changes-Eat foods with Low Glycemic Load. Eating a 🍌banana(high in sugar, High GL) vs a 🍑Peach (low GL)

Eating less of Carb's, means your body has less of a need to produce insulin 📈constantly through the day- this is how your body becomes resistant to insulin (like someone constantly reminding you to do something, you start ignoring them).

⚕Supplements to help regulate blood sugar levels:

(Research proven)

- Berberine - Bitter melon

- Cinnamon

- Chromium

- Gymnema sylvestre

- Magnesium



Talk to your 👩‍⚕Naturopathic Doctor about diet and supplementation. Do not stop any medications.


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