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5 Foods that worsen Period Pain

1. Refined Carbs & Sugar- Blood sugar levels Fluctuate A LOT Especially before your period when your CALORIC INTAKE increases, which means your body actually needs more food. Unfortunately paired with the blood sugar level dropping we eat SUGAR RICH foods that further dysregulate your blood sugar and LEAD TO MOOD SWINGS. Sugar is INFLAMMATORY and this leads to pain

2. Alcohol & Coffee – causes arteries to constrict and worsen cramps

3. Dairy- contains the unhealthy Omega 6 arachidonic acid(AA) which leads to build up Pain molecules known as prostaglandins(PG). Advil an NSAID (Non-Steroidal- ANTI-INFLAMMATORY Drug) blocks the conversion of AA to PG.

Dairy also contains A1 caesin that has been shown to be inflammatory

4.Processed & Fatty foods- similarly fatty foods with HIGH OMEGA 6, increase PG which increases pain. SWIPE RIGHT (Reduce saturated and polyunsaturated from omega 6 fats)

5. Arachadonic Acid Rich foods- Poultry, red meat(including organ meats).

The goal should be to eat omega 6 in LOWER amounts and omega 3 in higher amounts.

Omega 6 still has health benefits. For example walnuts contain both omega 6 and omega 3.

However, to improve your period pain outcomes use diet as medicine, under the care of a health care provider. Remember we are not a one size fits all medicine.


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