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Your Hormone State Rests upon Three Main Functions

Your Hormone State Rests upon Three Main Functions -

How you regulate Sugar, your Gut Health and your Liver Health.

Is your Acne worse during the same time around your period?

A common complaint is worsening Acne or PMS around ovulation time, or before a period.

This is mainly due to an imbalance in estrogen and progesterone. .

In the second half (luteal phase) of your entire menstrual cycle (day 15 onwards till right before your period) you may have too much estrogen circulating in your body or too little progesterone = an Excess of estrogen- this presents as, Acne, PMS, Irregular period, weight gain, fibroids, cramps, PCOS.

Excess estrogen can be d/t:

1) A sluggish liver – main organ of detox

2) A Gut issue – did you know we can recirculate estrogen from our stools (esp if we are constipated and it sitting in our tract longer than it needs too?)

A specific family of gut bacteria called the “Estrobolome” regulate how much ACTIVE estrogen circulates in our blood. .

An overgrowth of the estrobolome = more active estrogen = excess estrogen symptoms

3) High carbs/sugar= hormone dysregulation

While these are the Main disruptors of hormone health there are others we need to pay attention to as well:

STRESS= hormone dysregulation

Food sensitivities = gut dysfunction = hormone dysregulation

Environmental plastics- contain Xenoestrogens- that mimic estrogen

What can be done?

Support each of these systems:

Liver- eat bitter foods, reduce carb rich diets

Gut- adequate amounts of Fibre binds up excess hormones and helps eliminate through bowel movements

Balanced meals with protein and fat reduce need for high carb diets. .


Identify your sensitivities

Eliminate Endocrine disrupting plastics .


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