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t Post we chatted about our Female Hormone- ESTROGEN

Symptoms of High Estrogen being: -Heavy painful & irregular periods. -Headaches before period & Breast tenderness -Weight gain & bloating - Pcos, pms, endometriosis, fibroids, fibrocystic breasts- to a certain degree fall under this category.

Among many other ways of being in a ESTROGEN DOMINANCE state is the accumulation of XENOESTROGENS in the body.

Xenoestrogens are chemicals present in our environment that have an estrogen-Like Effect in our body. They sit in sites in our body where natural estrogen should and cause abnormal effects like: Cysts, fibroids, pain, etc.

How do you introduce XENOESTROGENS to your body?? 1. Plastics!! Tupperware, plastic bottles, its all around- BPA,etc 2. Skincare products - heard of parabens? 3. Cleaning products 4. Pesticides 5. Dairy, meat and eggs- farmers feed these chemicals to cattle and poultry to increase production. Eat these organic as much as possible. Why I became vegan to reverse my symptoms and now only eat organic in small amounts.

It Is now a fact that PUBERTY is hitting girls as young as age 11.

Did you know to regulate hormones doctors prescribe HORMONE CREAMS- the amount that is needed to cause a HORMONAL SHIFT- is cream the size of a pea

Now how much moisturizer, cleansers, shampoo, SPF and make up do you apply on a daily basis? I bet its more than the size of a grape

Those of you who've been on too high a dose of birth control (which contain a synthetic form of estrogen) would know what excess estrogen feels like - abdominal cramps, headaches, mood changes sound familiar?

So if a hormonal cream the size of a pea can shift to normalize a woman’s menstrual cycle , do you not think the other products can disrupt it?

Work with your Naturopathic Doctor to reduce the build up of these hormone disrupting chemicals by targeting SPECIFIC Hormone elimination & Detox pathways in your body. We have specific tests to show which detox pathway is overload and needs help and design a very unique Treatment plan to help.

For example: 1.Calcium-D-glucarate- helps eliminating estrogen from phase 3 pathway 2. I3C and DIM (present in green foods)- eliminated estrogen from phase 1 pathway

You CAN NOT just take both, it can worsen your symptoms. Must be done under the care of a licensed practitioner.

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