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What happens During a Stress Response?

Alarm stage- Body perceives a stressor/threat. Activates your “FIGHT or Flight” response. And readies your body for a response by increasing CORTISOL & ADRENALINE.

You may experience body ache, muscle tension, constipation, reduced appetite


Adaption stage- your body Re-directs its energy towards fighting the stress. You are IN Fight or Flight now. You may think you are NOT STRESSED here, because the ALARM STAGE has disappeared. But your body continues to fight and uses a lot of your resources.

- Now if this is short term- your body can replete itself quickly and return to normal

- But what happens during LONG TERM stress ? Your body continues to fight a battle and Depletes its Resources with no way of Replenishing it self. Here is where the Body starts to show Signs of it not being able to handle stress- IRRITABLE, MOODY, DROP IN ENERGY, HORMONE CHANGES, SLEEP CHANGES, BLOOD PRESSURE shoots up, Poor Sugar Regulation, Immune system dampens, etc

Exhaustion stage/ Burn out phase- The body has used and abused all resources it has and can no longer keep fighting. Your physiology can no longer support here. Stress hormones continue to be made, as you are still undergoing the stress, but your body had nothing more to give. You collapse into a disease- migraines, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Depression, Painful or Missing periods, Weight and sleep disorders, AUTOIMMUNE and so much more.

I’ve been Exhausted MULTIPLE times without knowing it. It took me 2 whole years to recover from my last Burn out.

I hope this post helps you recognize the signs and allow EARLY INTERVENTION.

IF you aren’t sleeping well, are irritable, and all signs are pointing to SOMETHING IS OFF- LISTEN to your body. And then find a practitioner who will LISTEN to your concerns.


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