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The Stress-hormone Connection

When stressed our body produces the hormone Cortisol, which in turn exerts further effects on our body.

Our body’s top priority is to deal with the stressor and to help you get through it. This means that other systems are put on hold, and resources are re-routed away from digesting food, producing babies, making bone, or fighting a cold.

👩‍This is why Students (stress balls) are prone to catching a cold more frequently.

IBS sufferers need I say this is why you experience diarrhea, abdominal pains and worsening bloating?

🤹‍♀️Ladies, this is why you skip a period, or your period prolongs.

Cortisol tells your brain to tell the other organs to SLOW DOWN- this itself is also a signal for YOU TO SLOW DOWN. 😏

Cortisol tells your🧠 brain to tell your Thyroid gland(TSH) to slow down making active Thyroid (T3)- which then presents as, weight gain, fatigue, poor memory, hair loss – HYPOTHYROID

It also reduces the conversion of T4(inactive thyroid) to T3(active hormone), and reduces uptake of T3 into the cells of your body. So your Thyroid hormone levels (T3, T4) will appear normal on a blood work, but you would be suffering from symptoms of LOW THYROID.

Cortisol tells your brain to tell your REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS (FSH,LH) to slow down making Hormones. One of which is progesterone, which helps with Thyroid function.

But if you are making low progesterone and low thyroid, you begin to overwork that thyroid gland.


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