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Screen your Beauty Product!

How some of these ingredients are worsening your acne and drying your skin out!

Most products are now being labelled as Sulfate & Paraben free

Here’s why and what else to look out for:

1) PARABEN & PHTHALATES- increase shelf life- HIGHLY DISRUPTIVE to Hormonal health. Parabens act like your ESTROGEN hormone and disrupt hormone signals.

Human Studies done by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in 2013-2014 associated DECREASED FERTILITY with paraben use.PMID: 23912598 ,PMID: 241499

- Ingredients ending with- paraben and – phthalate

2) SULFATES- used to create foam and act as a detergent- trapping oil from the skin and getting rid of it. .

The Environment Working Group’s database lists sulfates as a Hormone disruptor, Irritant, and possible link to cancer.

-SLS, SLES, dodecyl sulfate, sulfuric acid.

3) SILICONES – make the product smooth- clog pores, dehydrate skin. -xane, -cone.

4) PETROCHEMICALS- Used to lock moisture, but is pore clogging.

- Paraffin wax, benzene, petrolatum, PEG, DEA, EDTA, propyl-, methyl- ,- decane.

5) ALCOHOLS– increase product penetration into skin, but are VERY drying (my skin turns red right after) , causes irritation – leads to more oil production.

- cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, hexadecyl alcohol, isocetyl alcohol, oleyl alcohol, acetylated lanolin alcohol, isopropyl alcohol.

Looking at ingredients is important it is almost never the entire picture- hormone health, gut health and mental health are major contributing factors.

Think about stress induced acne, acne after sugary or fatty foods. The bulk of the work is - working on optimizing your insulin and hormone levels- estrogen and testosterone-which are both culprits for adult acne.

Regulating other detox pathways in the body- Skin being the largest detox organ- reflects internal health.

Providing skin with the nutrients/supplements it needs to regenerate-not just#biotin, #collagen but Vitamin A, C, zinc, protein etc.

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