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My daily supplements

Probiotics - so so important for not just for gut health, but for mental health and for a healthy immune system too! OUR GUT IS OUR SECOND BRAIN!

- About 70% our our immune system lies in our gut!

- 90% of our SEROTONIN (regulates mood, sleep,appetite)


🅱 complex- help maintain ENERGY, nerve function, hormone production, detoxification. Being irritable or depressed is a sign that you are deficient in B's

Vitamin D-☀ Absolute for every patient unless they prove through blood work they have sufficient levels. Every Canadian is almost always deficient in D!!! ⛱🔆Vitamin D regulates mood, immune response and bone health.

Iron-vegetarians and vegans have a higher incidence of having low iron. Low iron can present as depression, low mood /concentration and fatigue.

Fish oil/ Cod liver oil- as a source of Omega 3, reduces INFLAMMATION and pain markers, improves cognitive and ♥Heart health

Talk to your Naturopathic Doctor about what supplementation you might require.


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