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In your 30’s? Worried about your fertility?

Run a fertility panel- but be sure to include an Anti-Mullerian Hormone test (AMH)

AMH a protein made in the ovarian follicles, is a specific indicator run to check ovarian reserve.

Other tests include running FSH, LH, estrogen, progesterone.

In the FIRST HALF of your menses cycle (day 1-15) our pituitary gland (in the brain) signals FSH to stimulate the production of estrogen (stimulates growth of an egg).

If your FSH is high- over signalling the body to make more estrogen, because less estrogen is being made- you may have Low Ovarian reserve

Estrogen would be low as well.

Both these tests, including LH should be run on Day 3 of your period.

In the SECOND HALF of your menses cycle (day 15- day 30) , after and IF ovulation occurs- Progesterone levels increase. If ovulation (release of an egg) does not occur- the levels remain low.

This test should be run approx. 7 days after ovulation (if you ovulate day 15, day 21-23).

AMH is also run to diagnose PCOS, predicting menopause or Premature ovarian failure, those going for IVF.


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