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How does stress affect IBS/ GUT POPULATION⁉️

The research supporting the GUT-BRAIN is overwhelming and no longer debatable. Not only does the brain dictate gut health, but REVERSE aka gut health dictates➡️ brain health.

🚦The stress signal sent by your brain alters the intestines tight barrier to make it loose- this presents as food intolerances

🚦The stress signal from your brain- induces muscle contractions- abdominal pains, diarrhea

💢Growing research is proving that stress mediators (Epinephrine and Norepinephrine) cause a negative 🦠shift in the bacteria that line your gut to an UNFAVORABLE environment.

Now this unfavorable bacteria environment also SIGNALS BACK TO THE BRAIN = depression, anxiety etc.

Today I can eat all foods and some in moderation – dairy, gluten, eggs.

But this meant that I committed to regaining my health COMPLETELY.

This meant running expensive tests- food sensitivity tests, Comprehensive stool tests, Seeing a fellow👩ND, seeing a therapist, buying supplements instead of massages etc.

It meant figuring out how to make foods🤷‍♀️ without things I was used to.

Above all it meant learning to cope with my stress- changing external things (work, friends, relationships) and Healing internal things (childhood trauma, 🤕anxiety, depression)

Because not doing all of this meant- I couldn’t eat at 👭social engagements, I didn’t want to bother my guests with my food sensitivity needs, My mental health took a toll, my body was depleted.

I hope this story shows you that healing is never linear and never as simple as a quick pill fix.

Suppressing symptoms is a temporary fix- take an Advil (I took 2 every month for 10 years) + (the side effects of a leaky gut that it induces)

But getting rid of an illness completely requires more than that, is a slower fix but remains lifelong.

Invest in yourself , give yourself the best of the best out there. Treat yourself better than you treat a prized Gucci/prada bag.


Dr. A

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