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Fertility & Pregnancy Planning

Comprehensive Labs to run for Fertility planning & prevention of Pre-term birth

1. Female Hormones- FSH, LH, Estrogen, Progesterone, DHEAS, Prolactin, testosterone, AMH

2. Thyroid panel- TSH, Free T3, Free T4, antibodies

3. Blood Markers- Ferritin, B12 + folic acid + Vitamin D

4. Sugar Control- Insulin fasting, HbA1c (esp if diagnosed with PCOS)

5. Other risk markers- HsCRP, ESR, INR, CA-125

👉Optimal Vitamin D levels to prevent miscarriage range at 100nmol/L or higher. (PMID: 28500757)

👉Optimal Iron levels are above 50ug/L.

👉Optimal Thyroid (TSH) levels are < 2.5mIU/L (PMID: 21558126)

👉Optimal Progesterone levels- low levels reduce chances of implantation


Sleep & Stress Management- extremely important

Underweight or Overweight

Alcohol or Substance use

This post is meant for educational purposes only. Discuss your pre-conception plans with your Health care practitioner.


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