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Anxiety & Hormones

Why are you worse before your period?

Did you know Progesterone, the hormone made in the last few days before your period, actually has an Anti-Anxiety effect? PMID: 7663969 and PMID: 21855828

When in low amounts you feel irritable, weepy and ANXIOUS before your period.

ESTROGEN on the other hand is supposed to have an Anti-Depressant effect. PMID: 12646301

High Estrogen decreases GABA, which is meant to have a calming effect, and can make you feel ANXIOUS

Too Little Estrogen Hinders critical thinking and leads to you feeling DEPRESSED.

As seen after giving birth, when a womens estrogen levels plummet she experiences baby blues or post-partum depression. This is also why ANXIETY or DEPRESSION peaks during time of Hormone changes such as PUBERTY and MENOPAUSE.

This is also why You may feel Depressed before your period, as estrogen is at its lowest.


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